Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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The Ministry of environment and spatial planning has incorporated for the first time in reintroducing through breeding country of imperial Eagle, a GPS-GSM transmitters that let you know the position of the copies, thus facilitating their monitoring 24 hours a day.

Reported yesterday the Adviser, José Fiscal, together with the Coordinator of the Superior Council of scientific research in Andalusia, Miguel Ferrer, reintroduction through hacking, or country breeding program, imperial Eagle is carried out from last May until October with success, after the addition to the natural environment of six chickens, that had previously been rescued to the risks of potential mortality.
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Campestre breeding consists of placing the chickens of the kind that wants to reintroduce into the natural environment in an artificial nest in the place where you want to set up the population, and feed them until they are able to do it on their own.

The release occurred on a farm of Vejer, place where the Ministry develops the reintroduction of this species, which had been missing 30 years in the province. Have also been used transmitters via satellite for the location of copies corresponding to nuclei of Cadiz, Doñana and Sierra Morena (ten chickens), so this year have been radiolabeled 16 chickens. GPS-GSM transmitters features allow determination of the daily positions of the copies and downloads through the mobile network. Thanks to these sensors is has been able to verify that the Eagles that are reintroduced in La Janda, once started its flights, cross the Strait and settled in Morocco.

According to the Board, four of the six chicks released in La Janda crossed the Strait, while one remained in the vicinity of the provinces of Córdoba and Ciudad Real, and the other in the province of Cadiz. Two of the introduced Eagles have died electrocuted, one in Morocco and the other in Seville.

In less than five years we have gone from using accessory devices, such as GPS receivers, to have access to very accurate and up-to-date maps in the Palm of the hand and with a single touch. We serve to guide us in a town, to find the car when we "lose" in a public parking lot and even locate lost pets.
But that is only the beginning. As GPS start to communicate with our devices in the home, work or on the street, will be increasingly dependent on it. Although we do not know that we are using it.
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Goodbye to that voice without personality whispering metal syllables to make us give eternal turns at a roundabout. The Waze app, with more than 50 million downloads, has brought to Spain, at the hands of comedians and actors, four different guides that advise the best route with Andalusian, catalan, Galician, Madrid and Basque accent. It's like having eight surnames Catalans in GPS, only that the voices we recognize them with closed eyes. Unfortunately the option will not be available until early 2016, when the most downloaded accent is chosen on a permanent basis. This trend is just a sample of what's coming. The next step will be the recognition of voice. Voices of different actors and even our own, personal expressions, you can select to scroll through any geography. And, in case outside little, will be possible to interact with the GPS: effective driving advice (if 5 mph reduces speed will save fuel), prevention (in five minutes you can have a storm front) or mechanical: our vehicles have sensors that could communicate with the GPS and warn us of possible errors.
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As health apps recognize our routines and build up our data, the GPS will do the same. And they can anticipate. Scheduled to follow the same route to the office, the GPS can be activated with one or half an hour in advance to monitor traffic and, if necessary, change the alarm time to get not late. And it will also be possible to cause a chain reaction. GPS is connected to the drive and heated seats, be linked to smart appliances to prepare coffee, make a shopping list, according to whatever is missing in the refrigerator and turn the washer for an extra cycle. All while we have to manage any changes. And the same thing when we return, if we do it before it will connect the heating or air conditioning depending on the distance to the home, will automatically raise the blinds and will send messages to the family to communicate that we are on the way.